Namaste and Welcome to Amara Adventures

Our story begins with you in mind. Created by a fellow adventurer and explorer of the human soul, Amara Adventures was born with the idea that everyone should be able to witness the infinite wonders in our world. Having experienced some of them himself, our owner, Akshay Nanavati’s passion to share them with all of you led to the birth of Amara Adventures.

By offering low-cost trips, we hope to give each one of you the opportunity to explore our planet. Although we are a new company, our local teams on the ground have been leading trips for decades. We have simply connected with these high-quality experienced guides to give you the best possible adventure with the least possible financial strain.

Explore the tours that we currently have to offer and continue to check back in with us. As we venture out into the world, we will open up new trips to you. We make sure that our trips are tried and tested first to ensure that you will have the ideal vacation. We know how valuable that time is for you and we appreciate that it is no small decision to trust someone else with it.

So with the utmost humility, we invite you to journey with us into new and unknown worlds, perhaps unlike anything you have ever experienced before. Step away from your comfort zone. Actualize your wanderlust and your desire to experience all that life has to offer. Create memories that will transcend time and last generations.

Leave all your concerns behind and join us for a glimpse into the wonders of the human planet…

Our Mission

By offering low-cost, high-quality expeditions into the natural world, our goal is to create transformational experiences that connect all the people of humanity with each other and with Planet Earth.